Search Funnels are now “Attribution” in AdWords

Google announced on Google+ that they’ve renamed what they call “Search Funnels” to what they are now calling “Attribution.” Attribution is more of an industry standard name.

Google said:

With more advertisers moving beyond last-click attribution, we’re renaming Search Funnels to “Attribution” and adding it to the Tools menu, making it easier to discover and access the reports on a recurring basis.

They also refreshed the interface for Attribution to make the individual reports easier to use. Some of the reports you can find in Attribution are:

  • +The Top Paths report, which shows you the conversion paths of your users across all search interactions
  • +The Assisted Conversions report, which tells you how often a particular campaign assisted conversions through other campaigns (rather than being the last-clicked campaign)
  • +The Attribution Modeling Tool, which allows you to compare different attribution models side-by-side.




Source : SERoundTable

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