LinkedIn Elevate: Helping Tool for Companies To Share Content by Employee’s

LinkedIn is announcing today a new app called Elevate. It’s designed to help people share high-quality content from the companies they work for — and show how that content leads to website traffic, sales leads, and even hires.

Elevate provides content that employees can share on Twitter and LinkedIn. It could help companies appear more relatable and engaging than they would on their own, because employees will be doing the sharing.


LinkedIn members who shared six pieces of content on average received six profile views and made two new connections. Their company then received six job views, three company page views and one company page follower, which helps them hire, market and sell their products.

Other marketing companies such as SocialChorus and DynamicSignal also encourage employees to advocate for their brand through sharing and creating content.

The advantage that LinkedIn has is that more than 300 million people worldwide already use the service, said Omar Akhtar, who focuses on marketing and technology issues for the research and consulting firm Altimeter Group.

Elevate — with desktop, iOS, and Android apps — will be available for all to use in the third quarter of this year. For now, it’s available on a company-by-company basis by invitation only.

Source : Linkedin Blog

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