[Infographics]History Timeline of Twitter ads on Timelines

Twitter has launched its advertising platform in 2010 and ever since launched several new ways for advertisers to reach existing and new customers. With Twitter having hundreds of millions of users it has become one of the leading social networks for sharing content, but most importantly one of the leaders for social media marketing.
This infographic shows the evolution of the Twitter advertising platform. With Promoted Tweets coming out in April 2010, Twitter began their online advertising journey. Today, Twitter has more than ten different ways for advertisers to reach a huge market of buyers.Now that Website Cards, Mobile App-downloads and Twitter Offers are permanent features for the advertising platform it is going to be interesting what the future of Twitter marketing will bring. With a revenue of over $1.4 billion in 2014 it will be no surprise that Twitter will happily be adding new advertising features to their existing advertising platform.

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