So, Finally Google Invented something new for all of us for our key areas of interest,when we got the time to search for our favorite topics on mobile from Google. For example : If you asked me, what i search on phone when i got time to search on mobile from Google then i will search for “technology” because i want to read what’s new in technology world,then i will see something new in Google search which i make over my smartphone for this topic for my favorite website “”  after scrolling down i will see a carousal of latest articles, news or videos around this topic from

Below is example of what Google has updated for mobile search, You can read the sneak peak for this topic below


When you search for a topic, just scroll down to see a “carousel” of recent articles, videos or more on that subject. Tap any link to read or watch exactly what you’re interested in. For example, if you search for NPR, you’ll see links to all their latest articles and videos. Search for the Knicks to browse content from their site as well as videos and news from ESPN or Bleacher Report. (If you don’t see this new feature yet when you search for your favorite site, stay tuned—we’ll be making this available for more sites soon.


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