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For those who are looking for a good reliable antivirus, AVG should be on their list of choices. It has an excellent free antivirus and internet security. It is a program that is above average according to, an independent testing lab. The free product has proved to be great in repair of corrupted files, malware protection and detection and overall usability. The interesting thing is that AVG free program even surpassed other programs from other venders that are for sale. The good thing is that you can get this program from AVG reseller program that has authorized venders.

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One of the great improvements of AVG program is its usability. It has very minimal effect on the computer performance when scanning and indicated low false-positive value which is a great thing.

No doubt AVG is an excellent reliable program. When installing, activating, updating or upgrading your AVG program into your computer system, you might come across several issues. Most probably these issues have nothing to do with AVG but rather compatibility issues. Wrong update, faulty configuration or software conflict may often cause problems. These issues can be handled by reseller program venders.

There is the possibility of this program interfering with the smooth running of social network, instant messager, email and some other functioning. The worse will occur when the program stops working without your knowledge. This may lead to virus and spyware finding a way into your system and destroying data and information. The truth is that you should always be conscious about your computer security.

AVG offers support to their clients through their dedicated hotline. They will help you fix various issues concerning the software and the system security. The have professionals who are always there to help you regardless of whether you are a new user having issues with installation or an existing user who is facing some difficulties. You can access the support over the internet of even over the phone. These expert usually ask important computer information such as model and make of your computer or the OS you are using before the can start solving the problem(S). Their portal also includes a knowledgeable base that has a lot of details and video tutorials that as a user you can follow and fix some problems.

You can be able to download tools from their website that will allow you scan your computer and give a comprehensive report related to the status in which the security is. From there you can be able to make the decision if you want to handle the situation yourself together with your antivirus or you will seek support from experts.

Through AVG reseller program, the manufacture has been able to extend their support to the venders. It offers membership to known tech support venders, who are authorized dealers of AVG products and offer customer service to solve different issues.  These vendors have managed to maximize AVG popularity by successfully inducting AVG support lessons into their subject of services.

So if you have no idea what antivirus software is good for you, just try AVG and if you have others compare them and find out which suits you the best.

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