Recently,reported that Google has banned or penalized many PBNs that are being used to manipulate their rankings. Google has sent out tons of, if not thousands, of manual action notifications to those taking part in these networks.

Here is many discussions are going about it in Blackhat SEO world and also in other communities. Alex from Blackhat SEO Forum replied to this news as :

Yes, I’m aware of the current wave of PBN de-indexation. I have quite a few friends in this industry who got totally destroyed and I also know folks with the shittiest possible PBN content ever out there whose networks are totally intact. Even though there is no doubt that Google is taking serious action against webmasters who are hitting it big with PBNs, either promoting their own money sites or running services, I don’t believe the end of PBNs is somewhere near. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Even many of them are getting manual penalty action if you are using these activities like, thin content. If yes, then your website surly get the message that i am showing as screenshot below :


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