Bing launched Campaign Planner better than Google

Bing campaign planner

Bing search engine is continuously making so much changes to give competition to Google at-least in Marketing online, so on this track they have launched a feature “campaign planner”.

What Is Campaign Planner?

Campaign Planner is a unique new feature in the Bing Ads web interface (UI) that displays marketplace insights by vertical, product, and keyword.  Campaign Planner collects and surfaces data from the Yahoo Bing Network to reveal industry benchmarks and new investment opportunities.

You can use this feature to research:

  • Search traffic trending and forecasting
  • Industry benchmarks and competitor performance
  • Keyword suggestions

Personally, in my opinion it’s very good feature by Bing till date, because people are putting money to get business and leads. Now, it will easier for users who are spending money get to know where, how or on which direction they have to spend by using this Campaign Planner feature.

Complete step-to-step overview of UI of the Campaign Planner feature, I am hoping many of you will surely like this feature because it is very easy to understand.

Marketplace Insights All in One Place

Campaign Planner provides marketplace metrics such as search volume, search distribution by device, Avg. CPC (cost-per-click) and more through an intuitive, top-down taxonomy. Use the navigation panel on left to choose the industry vertical you are interested in to explore Vertical Insights.

Here are the screenshots :


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