Facebook Update : New Feature for Page Managers

Facebook quietly rolled out a new feature this week allowing page managers to easily toggle between their personal and business pages.

When adding a new post to a page for which you’re a manager, the default will still be that page;  however, there is now a drop-down option in the upper right corner allowing you to select posting as your personal account or even another business page that you manage.


Now if you are handling large numbers of accounts for your multiple clients then you don’t have to go on pages drop-down menu to navigate  to that page and then start following the comments, likes and share for the brand.


By the launch of this feature, people can simultaneously comment on their profile as well as manage their brand page too.

Personally, i believe this feature helps us a lot and also save our time.

Do you like this feature or not. Waiting to know your response on this in comment box 🙂



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