Google Play- What’s new in the world of apps?

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Google, the search engine giant has served as an excellent platform for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business at a global level. With Google Play Developer Console being one of the most incredible platforms for developing apps, more and more developers are leveraging its features to the fullest. The amazingly effective Android applications have stolen the show from mobile applications built on other operating systems. Experts at Google I/O are making continuous efforts to introduce innovative changes that can render a valuable insight into how people’s Android applications are performing. Keep on reading this blog to unleash everything that’s new in the world of Google Play apps.

Scaling app operations is now possible via publishing API

Google is proud to announce the launch of Google Play Developer Publishing API that enables developers to upload APKs to Beta testing, Staged rollout and Production. In addition to this, this API also helps in integrating publishing operations with the release processes. All in all, the brand new publishing API makes it easier to manage the in-app product catalog via tablet-specific screenshots. With the flexibility of localizing your store listing text and graphics, this Publishing API lets you focus on your core business without wasting time in managing the app releases as and when your business grows to new markets.

Google Play- Serving new add-ons for applications

1. Optimization tips



With the aid of Android Application Development Services, Google Play now comes packed with a set of optimization tips that  contain instructions on improving the app features and functionalities. You’re being notified each time the updated versions of APIs you use are available. For example, you’re informed about Google Play in-app billing or the Google Maps APIs. And that’s not all. Google Play game service can be easily availed by game developers for rendering an awesome gaming experience and driving maximum user engagement.

2. Improved Revenue Statistics

For enhancing commercial success of entrepreneurs, Google Play has enhanced the revenue statistics visible in the Finance section of the Google Developer Console. Users can now see the average revenue per paying user(ARPPU) and get an easy access to ways of analyzing the buyer data.

3. Email Notifications for alerts

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Recently, Google Play has added Alerts in the Developer Console for making the user aware about the sudden changes taking place for the apps such as installs, crashes and ratings. By turning the email notifications for Alerts feature on, you can start receiving information about relevant events before they have any wider effect on your app. The best part of this feature is that you can set it for multiple apps using the Email Preferences in the Developer Console settings.

4. Bulk export of app reviews

Although Google Developer Console allows you to get engaged with users via reading and replying to their reviews, now you can simply download and analyze your app’s reviews in order to perform your own individual analysis.

5. Enhanced reporting of native crashes

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If you’re an app developer working in the native code then you’ll definitely find this feature interesting. Google Play now offers improved reporting and presentation for native app crashes, offering you a summarized information about the reasons behind the app crash.

6. Improved statistics for staged rollouts and beta releases

In accordance to last year’s launch, you may opt to Hire Android Programmers have been using beta testing for releasing alpha and beta versions of their apps. Also, they’ve been utilizing the staged rollout for launching their app to production. Now, Google Play has improved the way alpha, beta and staged rollout specific statistics are displayed for Android applications. Also, it has now become possible for the app developers to filter the app version by alpha, bets or staged rollout while viewing the app and crash statistics. All this makes it simpler to understand the impact of app testing.

7. Website Verification


Google Play has now added website verification feature in its Developer Console for enabling deep-linking to the app via search results. The Deep-linking feature reminds users about the apps they already have with them.

Wrapping Up

I’m sure you’d have found the aforementioned features useful and are ready to take advantage from them. Go ahead and grow your user base and users’ experience by focusing on app maintenance and distribution via innovative measures provided by Google Play.


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