Now you can get ROAS ( Return on Ads Spend) Report in Google Analytics( GA)


Google Analytics published on Google+ a new feature report format named “ROAS” which is called Return on Ads spend in Google Adwords.The metric ROAS shows you how much revenue you bring in for each dollar spent with AdWords. For example: if you earn $5 for each $1 you spend on AdWords, your ROAS would be 500%.

ROAS is a powerful metric to optimize to, because it takes actual revenue into account.

The new metric ROAS will replace the existing metrics Return on Investment (or ROI) and Margin in the AdWords reports in GA. You’ll find the AdWords reports in GA in the Acquisition section: Acquisition > AdWords; and then select ” Campaign” then “Clicks” on the Explorer tab to see the new ROAS metric. Note that you need to have Ecommerce enabled to see revenue data in GA.




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