Don’t use Feeds otherwise GoogleBot will not impressed with your site

I know lots of people are using automatic feeds option to run their site, But keep in mind that it will not give good impression to Googlebot because you are just taking the content from some other place, you are not using high quality and legitimate steps for your site content, that’s why your website doesn’t rank well in Google.

Here is response by Google, John Muller on the statement :

“The bigger problem is that your site is essentially the same as so many other sites that just reuse video feeds. That doesn’t impress Googlebot much, so while i understand it’s not trivial, I think in the long run it would be really helpful to just make sure that you offer something that users explicitly want to see from your site, something that they’ll recommend over all of the other, similar sites, something unique, compelling and of high quality. That isn’t something which can be fixed with a meta-tag, so instead of spending too much time on the technicalities of language-detection, I’d take a step back and think about what you could do to make something much more significant.”

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