Searchmetrics Released this year 2014, a survey report that they have conducted for the current SEO ranking factors in 2014, after it they come up with some final conclusion of many good and interesting ranking factors  for your website to rank faster in search.

The key take away from here is that content may now be truly king. Marcus Tober from SearchMetrics said in the report that content is “no longer an addition to, but is the main focus of, SEO .”

Here are some important things you should consider for SEO ranking 2014:

  • Content is truly a King again ?

Yes, Content is again a king to be consider the major ranking factor for ranking in 2014.The length of the content should be good enough for the readers to read and get engaged with it and which is more important it should be of good quality ( means less grammar mistake).A good internal linking structure is an important factor, and probably the most underrated SEO measure.

  • ON-Page Technical SEO :

It means you still need to focus on key factors of On-page SEO like Keywords, title, description, H1, H2, Alt tags, Canalization andSite load speed is a veryRF Robot important performance factor.Good site architecture is the beginning and end of effective SEO.

Brief Ranking Chart Here :

searchmetrics-overall ranking factors 2014

 Content Ranking Factors:

Site speed is still on the top that means focus on user experience with good site speed.

searchmetrics-content ranking factors

On Page Technical Ranking Factors:

 on page seo ranking factors 2014-techblogcorner

Linking Factors :

Focus on Number of Backlinks and % backlinks with rel=Nofollow tagsearchmetrics-links-factors-2014-techblogcorner

Social Signal Rankling Factors :


SEO Ranking Factors 2014 Info-graphics by SearchMetrcis :



download the full report over here


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