Google adwords  today launched a new feature named “Website call conversions” tracking. I think from advertisers point of view it’s a very vital feature for them to track the user action after coming to their website from Google Ads.

A code snippet dynamically inserts a Google forwarding number on the website after a user clicks on an AdWords ad. Conversions are tracked whether a user dials the number or clicks on it from their phone. The unique Google forwarding number displays for up to 90 days and numbers can be formatted to match the web site design.


You can also automatically optimize your keyword bids to drive more calls or more valuable calls by using Target CPA or Target ROAS respectively. These flexible bid strategies factor in signals like device, location, and time of day to make auction-time bid adjustments that maximize website call conversions and conversion value respectively, while reaching your business goals.

Note, that you won’t be able to see whether an actual sale or transaction occurred by using this solution in AdWords.

You can learn more about website call conversions and how to set it up, here.

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