iOS 8 features, release date and compatibility

The upcoming iOS 8 is the present hype in the smart device world. Apple has already unveiled the beta preview long ago and 5 versions of the beta release had been released as well. The iOS 8 is getting better and better with each update and that brings us hope that the final output will not be disappointing at all. The exciting new features being embedded into iOS 8 are up to today’s competitive mark. We haven’t seen anything groundbreaking yet though, we hope they are saved for the final release. The beta previews have shown the minor updates and the new features that have been included.


Which Devices will run iOS 8?

That’s a good question. Especially the owners still running an iPhone or iPad from 2 or 3 years ago would be wondering if their devices are still under the updates or Apple has just abandoned them. In short, iPhone 4s and later, iPad 2 and later and both the iPad Mini tablets will be able to run iOS 8. And that would be just dumb to ask if the newest iPhone and iPad would run iOS 8 or not.

iPhone 4 had received the iOS 7 update but Apple must have realized by now how wrong of a decision it was. The performance was awfully decreased on any iPhone 4 after updating it to iOS 7. Indeed it looked and felt good to have a better looking iOS on the same old device but there’s not point of having a slow iPhone; hence there’s no iOS 8 update for the iPhone 4.

iOS 8 Launch

The official announcement and preview ceremony took place back in June, in Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference. They had showcased their new operating system for iPhone and iPad and since then, 5 beta versions have been released.

 The conference showed the prominent differences between the earlier iOS and the newest one; and how it might come out but these were all geek stuff, as in for developers only. Some nerds and over enthusiasts might have already gotten their hands on these developer preview versions but when will Apple officially release the iOS 8 for all their users?

 The iOS 8 will probably be released with the iPhone 6. After the unveiling of the new iPhone, we expect that Apple website will soon provide information on iOS 8 update as they have always done before.


iOS 8 feature list have already been out long ago, we’re still covering the trending ones in brief.

  • iCloud Drive: It’s a cloud storage almost like Dropbox or Google Drive. However, iCloud is Apple-specialized. The good stuff about this new iCloud Drive is, you can access your files anytime anywhere from all of your Apple devices.
  • Health: After Samsung’s debut of new health apps, it was obvious that Apple would bring something like this. Using third party devices and apps; and internal sensors on Apple devices this feature will be able to gather and sort out the user’s health and fitness related stuff.
  • Family Sharing: Now share the camera roll, or track the location of a family member using the Family Sharing feature. The users also get free digital media access though they need to set up a common credit card with the accounts.
  • Photos: The camera roll now gets better with this new feature. ‘Photos’ is an extension of iCloud Drive; photos captured with any Apple devices will sync to Photos and appear on all devices.
  • Siri; even Better Now: Now operate Siri without even touching the device just by saying ‘Hey Siri!’ this could probably effect the battery life a little bit since Siri now always keeps an ear on what you are saying. However, Siri can now edit whatever you say in real time which is absolutely smart. Also, Shazam is now integrated Siri so never miss a soundtrack’s name that sounds good to you.


Apparently the iPhone 6 release date is knocking on door; so do the iOS 8’s release date. The users won’t have to wait very long. If you can’t wait anymore, you might try out the developer previews. There are plenty of how-to articles to help you out. In the meantime, stay connected to us for updates on iOS 8.

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