Update:Google AdWords Exact Match Now Matches On All Plurals, Misspellings

Google has announced that they are dropping the option to opt out of close variants for exact match keywords in Google Adwords. So, the advertisers who don’t want to opt out this option they have to use it because it going to be the default option in Google Adwords.

If you bid using exact match for “baby clothes,” Google will now also match these variations: babby clothes, baby clothing, baby cl othes and baby cloths.

They are closing this option in late of coming September, 2014. Here is feature screen shot that will no longer be available after September.



Greg Finn explained:


If you are a paid advertiser that enjoys having full control of their campaigns – someone who bids differently based on plurality and likes knowing exactly where their ads are displayed – my sincere condolences. In late September that option for precision targeting will be removed.

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