Feedburner by Google Doesn’t Like HTTPS Source URLs

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If you are using Google Feed burner for your RSS feeds syndication the you should read this post, because Google Feedburner doesn’t support feed for HTTPS url’s . As, Google announced recently that they will consider Https as  ranking signal then most of the webmasters are now migrating their non-https version of website to https version.

In a recent post from the Owner of serountable.com, Barry said :

When I migrated those sites, I tried to update the source URL of my feed in Feedburner settings but Google’s Feedburner did not like the URL and spit back at “Received HTTP error code 400 while fetching source feed” error.

Here is the process, I edit the feed sure by adding an HTTPS to the URL:


He also said :

But when I hit save, I get this error:


This is something all sites need to consider when migrating to HTTPS, if they use Feedburner.


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