Massive Google Adsense Update : Larger Ad Units & Ad Unit Creation steps

Starting of June 2014, Google Adsense just give 2 massive updates to their users with flexibility in Ad creation unit steps and also some new Ad unit sizes for targeting user or audience more and more.



  1.  New ad sizes for Google AdSense
  2. Creating new ad units just got easier

Update 1 – AdSense Ad Creation Updated

1. Now it is easier to create new ad units, giving you more time to focus on optimizing your ad space in better way so that you can place well , earn well.

Creating new ad units -techblogcorner

2. They have also enhanced the user-interface for this page, making it more intuitive and easier to navigate

Creating new ad units 2-techblogcorner

3.  they have made some changes in color pallet of the URL,which is shown in ad copy.below is screen-shot of it.

Creating new ad units 3-techblogcorner

Update- 2 : AdSense Adds Two New Ad Sizes

970 x 250 Billboard and the 300 x 1050 Portrait – that will help you reach more advertisers while also enhancing user experience and engagement on your site. they are pretty big sizes to target users.

new-ad unit sizes-adsense-techblogcorner

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