Google Analytics added “Active Users” BETA feature for Webmasters

Today, When i logged in my Google analytics account, i have seen a new option to navigate in Google analytics namedActive Users. I know many of you already know what active users are? but i think, i should make something clear on this by justifying the difference between  New users and active users?

New Users : gives you an overview of people who launched your Web page or mobile app for the first time.

Active Users : is a very important metric as well. Active Users includes all users, both new users and the returning users that have opened your webpage or app at least once during a selected time period.

Here is screenshot of Active users  Tab below :

Active Users View-google-analytics-techblogcorner


This could be a quick way to see how many return visitors your website is getting on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

If you like this information, then please give us your feedback more on this so that many and more people will understand this.

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2 thoughts on “Google Analytics added “Active Users” BETA feature for Webmasters

  1. hi Rahul,
    I have two different website in GA but the “Active User” option is showing in only one website.
    Could you tell me why this option is not showing in another website. ?

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