Google Launched Google’s Elections Hub in 2014

Today morning, 26 march, 2014, when i was reading latest news on daily basis, i noticed a new function on Google news section on the right vertical panel on Google News.

It looks like this :



Source: Google News



It Includes 4 section on the top of page named :

  1. Home
  2. Pledge to Vote ( Default landing page)
  3. Videos and Hangouts
  4. Trends

1) The Pledge to Vote will give you results from the peoples of India or any other country what they are thinking about voting and what change they want to see in their next govt.


Source:Google News


2) You can read the latest trends and pledges in different languages . here is a screenshot below:



Source: Google News


3)  You can also find the hot and latest trends on elections from Google election hub. You can also see   which five Indian politicians currently have the highest ‘Google Score’.




4) You can also join the election commission hangout and submit your question and pledges to ask from the leaders.





5)  For more and latest trends, you join various youtube channels of top news or media channels or sites on Google+ plus by joining their pages and also see the latest videos from their respective YouTube Channel.





If you have suggestion or views on this post then please drop a comment below, we will get back to you on this. Happy Voting !!




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