Good News: Now Reports Crawl Errors On The Final Redirect URL by Webmasters Tools

On 11th Jan, 2013 Google Website Error Analyst, John Muller shared publicly on Google+ for the new changes in their Google webmaster tool in start of this new year 2014. This change is now with crawl error reports which is announced today on official webmaster central blog.


He stated that on Google+ :


I see this kind of question several times a week; you’re not alone – many websites have crawl errors.

He gave the solution to the webmasters for troubleshooting these kind of problems with the release of this new feature in webmaster crawl error reports. webmaster can now see the error if URL A is redirecting to the URL B and returning crawl error.



Here is a discussion on this in Webmaster forum.

Later on in the post, he said :

This change may also be visible in the total error counts for some websites. For example, if your site is moving to a new domain, you’ll only see these errors for the new domain (assuming the old domain redirects correctly), which might result in noticeable changes in the total error counts for those sites.

He also stated that if you got something wrong with the crawl error, it better to check the URL in depth, because there are string chances of occurring this error just because some server issue or CMS issue of your website. if the URL which is the crawl list is ok then its better to “mark as fixed”.

Discussion on Google+ by John Muller.

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